10 Website Traffic Hacks

Website Traffic How to Get More

This post is all about traffic. As most of us have encountered by now, traffic is not the easiest part of a home business website, or any web income model.  But, there are few proven strategies that help.  And by strategy, I mean a type of work or type of activity.  Strategy is distinguishable from tactics. Tactics are the things that you actually do every day based on the strategy you have planned.

Traffic Handbook Mindmap

In this graphic, the strategy level is the one just below the central objective or goal. In our case, the purple box would read “Get More Traffic”. The strategies I’m going to use to do that include 1) SEO, 2) Content and 3) Social Media. Paid Advertising is a big ugly gorilla and I’m going to leave that one out for this post.

Top Strategy Hacks

Within these strategies, there are several tactics that will yield more traffic to your website. Some of these tacts are specific to website design — where a great design falls under both the SEO and the Content strategy buckets.

1) Have a Strong Brand and Great Logo


Branding is everything when it comes to online success. If you don’t believe me, think of all the sites that you visit on a regular basis and how they handle their branding.

A great logo will encourage people to look for your content again.  Your logo will also make it easy for people to remember who you are and where they saw your information.  As a tactic, a great logo can also make it easier for your customers to share your information with their networks.

This a logo we created for one of our current websites… CarpeDigitas.com.  Free tools online like Canva.com or FreeLogoDesign.com are extremely helpful and easy to use.  It’s worth spending the extra time to create a brand + logo you like that conveys information about your site.

Carpe Digitas

And a strong brand shows Google you are serious about your business and not just a spam artist!

2) Have a Mobile Friendly Interface

Mobile friendliness is not just aesthetic – it means your interface should be finger friendly!  More people are using mobile devices — smart phones — to access and share information online.  If you don’t have a mobile friendly site you will lose out on about half your potential traffic. (lastest estimates from multiple sources including Google, Rand Fishkin and others)

And a mobile friendly site supports your SEO strategy as well.

3) Get to the point

Your content should be focused and on point, as well as use language that everyone can understand.  If your visitors cant or dont read your content because its too complicated you’ll miss out on having visitors explore your site and your offers.  Latest numbers suggest that when a visitor gets to your site, you only have 2-3 seconds to capture their attention.  You can’t afford to waste any time telling them what you want them to know.

(Note: If you need help on Content, we’ve written a book available on Amazon “Content Marketing: How to Make Yours Unique and Valuable“… if you follow the link, you can buy a copy there or if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read the book for free as part of your subscription)

4) Fix any and all broken links

This tactic is easy to do and you can have a website monitoring service monitor your site and let you know of any broken links.  In particular over time as your site grows, you can have historical articles or previously used materials show up with broken links.  It’s worth doing to make sure your visitors have a useful experience on your site.

5) Use internal links


As a tactic, internal links fall under a couple of the strategies we mentioned earlier… both SEO and Content.  When you write content for your site, refer to other content or other articles or other pages and refer to them with links.  For example, if you want to know more about SEO at a strategy level first, with recommendations on how to implement, check our article on The Right Formula for SEO  (this is an internal link).

6) Use external links too

Google and search engine algorithms puts emphasis on external links going out from your site.  For example, if you want to know more about our Traffic Handbook you can read the post on our sister site at Carpe Digitas – Traffic Handbook. (this is an external link).

7) Use strong imagery


Compelling graphics will be used by Google and other search-related content tools to bring more people to your site.  And these same images can and should be used as part of your Social Media strategy.  There are several great places to get high-quality free images, among them Canva.com, Pixabay.com and related.  In today’s online environment, there is no excuse for bad images. (see below… another internal link too)

Make money at home

8) Make sure your large images load properly

And properly here means fast.  There are site-load speed tests you can run to see how long it takes your site and images to load when someone clicks on one of your links.  These tests also give you insight on what (if anything) to fix.  If you only have 2-3 seconds to get your visitors attention, and it takes you site a long time to load, then you’ve lost before you really had a chance to get started.

9) Add Social Sharing Buttons

If you make it easy for your visitors to share your content on their social media accounts, this can help you drive more traffic.  And it’s something you can encourage.  But please don’t oversell the idea. Sharing and liking and linking should be more natural and not forced.  Google will be more helpful to you if things happen naturally and may penalize your site if not.

For example… please share this article on your social media, if you find it valuable. 

10) Work up to using Rich Snippets in your SEO work

This last tactic is last because it’s a bit more complicated to implement than the rest.  But at this point you should be farther along in your website and traffic development.  Basically, you have to go to Google’s tools and tell it what you want your search results (on their search pages) to look like.

You don’t have to use rich snippets, and your search results will be okay.  But if you do use them, you can tell Google to include things like descriptions, images, reviews, music, video link and other information about your business.  As your site and business begin growing, this is a great way to accelerate that growth.


There are some easy things you can do to get more traffic. It doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve outlined 10 specific tactics that should fit within your overall strategies.  Do these 10 and you will get more traffic.


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